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Teaching life and success skills through the game of tennis.

"I quickly discovered that teaching was less about the nuances of tennis and more about inspiring students to understand that change was within their own power."


PASS Coach

Winward Academy

High school students who choose to join our excellence culture are enrolled in Winward Academy, an award-winning, personalized, on-line learning platform guaranteed to increase ACT scores. Confident seniors can commit to our college readiness program if they choose. A Winward middle school curriculum is in the works.

School Partnerships

PASS partners with local Title 1 PE departments to introduce tennis to every student in their school. Students / families can then choose to commit to our program at the Phoenix Tennis Center where they can earn free rackets, shoes, clothing, lessons and participate in many life-changing opportunities.

Life Skills Education

Our healthy-competition, game-based format style ensures student confidence and self esteem growth because of achievement on court. This empowerment, plus education, leads to long-term student success, the true purpose of PASS. "Success is our vehicle, success in life is our vision."

Phoenix Tennis Center

Nearly all our programming is based out of this beautiful, 25 court, award-winning facility. PTC is a key partner and the official "home" of PASS. We are allowed to do weekly classes, community events and summer camps. The conference center is the perfect place for students to take Winward lessons in conjunction with tennis lessons.

Sun Devil and AZ Classic Ball Kids

Responsible students earn the right to be trained as ball kids, which requires significant commitment. The Sun Devil Ball kid program (3rd-8th grade) is the only one of its kind in the entire nation. Older student are trained to serve at the AZ Tennis Classic, a tournament that consistently features 30 of the top 150 men in the world. This tournament is a perfect way for our students to volunteer and give back to the community.

“I learned that if you try, you can accomplish new things and it will encourage you to try harder.”


Machan School (7th Grade)